Role and Importance of Chemical Engineering in the Specialty Chemicals Industry – A Point of View from Process Development


  • Lukas Doulakas
  • Pascal Larpin
  • Horst Maire
  • Laurent Menoud



Chemical engineering, Process development, Specialty chemicals, Young talent


Chemical engineers offer many skills perfectly in line with the requirements of the specialty chemicals industry, especially within process development. One of the main tasks of this department is to recruit and train young talent. A chemical engineer helps in defining new processes, improving established products and solving EHS (environment, health and safety) issues. Thus, the chemical engineer takes an active role in the main stages of a product life cycle and fosters through his communication skills cooperation with other colleagues working in different fields, such as production & engineering, product management, technical services. In order to fulfill the industry requirements, the Higher Institutes of Technology are encouraged to continuously offer the best education in chemical engineering.




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L. Doulakas, P. Larpin, H. Maire, L. Menoud, Chimia 2002, 56, 114, DOI: 10.2533/000942902777680603.