Messinger Membrane Systems AG: MMS in Brief


  • Alain Messinger



Downstream processing, Messinger membrane systems ag, Microfiltration, Reverse osmosis, Scaling up, Ultrafiltration


In the design of bioseparation processes, it is necessary to harmonize the results of laboratory and pilot development work with engineering aspects at a very early stage of development. The early work of such process development defines the overall economics of a manufacturing process. A biochemically oriented development of downstream processing must – from the beginning – be linked to industrial reality. Industrial reality means that the plant engineer is limited to predesigned devices such as pumps, valves, piping diameters, etc., whereas the process designer can optimize the process within a much broader range of parameters. Problems arise when a multistep serial operation, such as downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals, is calculated by single laboratory and pilot scale tests but then, often too late, translated or integrated into a continuous operated system. MMS offers equipment and techniques to develop novel multistep processes at the molecular level for industrial dimensions.




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