MSE Meili – Multiphase Systems Engineering: Inline Monitoring of Particulate Product Flows. Concentration, Velocity & Rate Measurement in Industrial Applications


  • Reto T. Meili



Dust concentration measurement, Fiber optic measuring system, Inline process monitoring, Mass flow measurement, Mse meili, Velocity measurement


MSE Meili is an ETH spinoff company established in 1995 focusing on instrumentation for multiphase flows. The 'Labasys® instruments' – backscattered laser light intensities are the basis to determine solid concentrations, velocities and flow rates – have been enhanced continuously make them suitable for industrial monitoring purposes. For example, both the accuracy and the application range have been extended by a more sensitive optic, efficient cleaning units have been added to avoid soiling of the optics. Among other enhancements, a direct calibration procedure and explosion protection have been implemented. Examples showing the application of 'Labasys® instruments' in R&D and production monitoring are provided for illustration. Through an aligned palette of services, e.g. calibration or test measurements, MSE Meili supports their customers in the energy production, chemical and food industries to realize the large potential for cost reductions by optimizing their processes monitoring with 'Labasys® instruments'.




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