The BioValley Life Sciences Week, Where Biotech and MedTech Met


  • Christian Suter
  • Fritz R. Bühler



Biovalley life sciences week, Business platform, European pharmacopoeia, Medical technology, Nanosciences, Systems biology


For the third time the BioValley Life Sciences Week took place from October 13 to 22, 2004 in the French, German, and Swiss centers of the BioValley Life Sciences Network. Events included a 'Science et Cité' evening in Lörrach about new concepts in cancer management, the Business Platform in Freiburg where Biotech met Pharma, the 'Fête de la Science' in Strasbourg highlighting the challenges for XXIst century research, the BioValley Annual Conference in Colmar where the BioValley profile was discussed, the University Day in Strasbourg presenting the European Pharmacopoeia and looking at Drug Discovery 2004 and a sequence of events in Basel which were attended by more than 1500 persons. Events in Basel included the Science Day on systems biology and nanosciences, the Connect Day which was devoted to Partnering and Financing, the Medtech Day where this less well known but very important industry showed its cutting edge technologies, and finally the BioValley College Day attracting several hundred students from the neighboring high schools of the three countries. The BioValley Life Sciences Week has established itself firmly in the calendar of the region and will be organized again in the fall of 2005.




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C. Suter, F. R. Bühler, Chimia 2004, 58, 781, DOI: 10.2533/000942904777677281.