Big Hopes with Small Molecules – PIQUR Therapeutics AG is aiming to Turn Cancer into a Manageable Disease


  • PIQUR Therapeutics AG PIQUR Therapeutics AG, Hochbergerstrasse 60C, CH-4057 Basel, Switzerland



Basel, Cancer therapy, Phase i trials, Small molecule, Spin-off


The origins of PIQUR Therapeutics AG, which was established in 2011, are found in significant research work at the University of Basel. The main focus of the spin-off of the University of Basel is the active pharmaceutical ingredient PQR309, which was used for the first time at the beginning of 2014 in Phase I trials in humans at University Hospital Basel. The small molecule, which was developed for targeted cancer therapy, intervenes with two major signaling pathways of cell growth. In just three years PIQUR secured funding of over 37 million Swiss Francs from private investors and Versant Venture, a leading venture capital firm.




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