On the Way towards New Materials: Metal Complexes as Building Blocks


  • Alex von Zelewsky
  • Peter Belser




Two related directions of materials research are described: i) The synthesis of photonic materials, based on transition-metal compounds mainly with ruthenium and osmium as the photoactive centers. The devices envisaged are antenna molecules, molecular wires, photon-activated switches, and molecules performing other logical functions. ii) The development of a strategy for the synthesis of complex coordination species suitable for molecular devices, based on modular synthons, where a special emphasis is put on the stereochemical aspect of the fragments employed. This strategy is based on a new family of chiral pyridine and bipyridine ligands that are useful for the construction of inert building blocks, as well as in self-assembly processes leading to highly organized systems.




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A. von Zelewsky, P. Belser, Chimia 1998, 52, 620, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.1998.620.