Seven New COST Chemistry Actions


  • André Merbach


Chemistry actions, Cost


Chemistry is, on one hand, a central basic science with a distinguished history and success in Europe, and, on the other hand, a very strong industry. In order to maintain and even to improve the position of the European Chemical Science and the European Chemical Industry, a framework for chemists in Europe within COST (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) was initiated by launching, since 1992, a series of Chemistry Actions. The results of Swiss participating scientists in the first 15 Actions (D1–D15) were presented at the Second Swiss COST Chemistry Symposium, October 15, 1999, during the ILMAC in Basel. The Chemistry Technical Committee, with representatives from 28 European countries, has now selected in a bottom-up approach a series of seven new COST Chemistry Actions (D16–D22; see In Switzerland, these Actions are financially supported by the Swiss Federal Office for Education and Science (Dr. Eva Klaper, OFES, Hallwylstrasse 4, P.O. Box 5675, CH–3003 Bern. Tel.: +41 31 322 96 67, Fax: +41 31 3227854, E-Mail:, website: A short description of these new Actions and the addresses of the contact persons in Switzerland are given below.






ILMAC 99: Retrospective/ILMAC Congress