TrainMiC®: Providing a Tool for the Inter-Calibration of Technical Assessors in Europe in the Area of Chemical Measurements


  • Philip Taylor
  • Ewa Bulska
  • Steluta Duta
  • Nineta Majcen
  • Emilia Vassileva
  • Lutgart Van Nevel



Confidence in measurements, European cooperation for accreditation, Inter-calibration of assessors, Training in metrology, Trainmic


The TrainMiC® (Training in Metrology in Chemistry) programme is a European programme for Life-Long Learning in metrology in chemistry, which is a truly unique system operational across many parts of Europe (19 countries) via national teams. It uses shareware pedagogic tools and the learning content has been harmonised at the European level by a joint effort of many experts across Europe working via an Editorial Board. This paper gives an overview of the activities within the TrainMiC® programme where there is an interaction with national accreditation bodies and the European Cooperation for Accreditation. It is the responsibility of the accreditation bodies to ensure that outcome of the assessments is reliable and transparent and is meeting the relevant requirements. The paper explains the potential of TrainMiC® in providing a tool for accreditation bodies to ensure a harmonised level of knowledge in a specific sector of those who are involved in technical assessments for accreditation in the field of chemical measurements. Some use the word inter-calibration to describe this process.




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P. Taylor, E. Bulska, S. Duta, N. Majcen, E. Vassileva, L. Van Nevel, Chimia 2009, 63, 686, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2009.686.



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