Bachem – Insights into Peptide Chemistry Achievements by the World's Leading Independent Manufacturer of Peptides


  • Monika Mergler
  • Günther Loidl
  • Martina Diekmann
  • Fritz Dick Bachem AG, Hauptstr. 144, CH-4416 Bubendorf, Switzerland



Active pharmaceutical ingredients, Large-scale peptide manufacturing, Process development, Side reactions, Solid-phase peptide synthesis


The Swiss fine chemicals company Bachem, pioneer and specialist in the chemical synthesis of peptides, has also become an internationally leading manufacturer of peptide active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). In response to increasing demands in scale and purity, Bachem's research efforts centered on the chemistry involved in solid-phase peptide synthesis and the production of the required amino acid derivatives with the aim of a continuous improvement of the technology. The resulting optimized protocols together with high-throughput equipment enabled us to manufacture long peptide APIs and, more recently, even pharma-grade glycoproteins in industrial scale.




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M. Mergler, G. Loidl, M. Diekmann, F. Dick, Chimia 2013, 67, 874, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2013.874.