Life Science Start-up Activities at the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS)


  • Gerda Huber University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern, Switzerland, School of Life Sciences, Gründenstrasse 40, CH-4132 Muttenz, Switzerland.



Life sciences, Start-up, Universities of applied sciences


The universities of applied sciences (UAS) provide several values for the society and economy of a country. Besides education of high level professionals, transfer of knowledge from research to applications in industry or as new start-up companies is an important task. This is done in different ways in the various disciplines. In Life Sciences, a key industry branch in Switzerland, innovation is a competitive success factor and research findings from UAS/Life Sciences contribute to the valorization of new technologies to products, services and to business performance. In order to foster awareness for the innovation need of industry, UAS install processes and support for transfer of research and technology results to marketable applications. Furthermore they may facilitate contacts of researchers and students with entrepreneurs in order to animate start-up founding as a true alternative to being employed. Access to coaching and entrepreneurial training completes the essential basis.