Natural Products in the Discovery of Agrochemicals


  • Olivier Loiseleur Syngenta Crop Protection AG Schaffhauserstrasse, CH-4332 Stein, Switzerland.



Agrochemicals discovery, Biopesticides, Crop protection agents, Leads for new agrochemicals, Natural products


Natural products have a long history of being used as, or serving as inspiration for, novel crop protection agents. Many of the discoveries in agrochemical research in the last decades have their origin in a wide range of natural products from a variety of sources. In light of the continuing need for new tools to address an ever-changing array of fungal, weed and insect pests, new agricultural practices and evolving regulatory requirements, the needs for new agrochemical tools remains as critical as ever. In that respect, nature continues to be an important source for novel chemical structures and biological mechanisms to be applied for the development of pest control agents. Here we review several of the natural products and their derivatives which contributed to shape crop protection research in past and present.