Center for Chemical Sensors and Chemical Information Technology (CCS): Molecular Recognition and Chemical Sensor Development at CCS


  • Ursula E. Spichiger-Keller



Active proteomics, Afm-cantilevers, Array technology, Bioassays, Ccs, Microsensors, Nanotechnology, Spinoff companies


The Center for Chemical Sensors and Chemical Information Technology (CCS) at ETH-Zürich has devoted its activities to the development of highly selective devices that access chemical information about the composition of a specimen. In this article the most prominent projects and activities are summarized and the most relevant scientific results and research strategies are described. Apart from design and synthesis of novel ionophores for electrochemical sensors, research was focused on optical sensors, chromophores with specific characteristics as well as micro- and nanodevices. Generally the research focus shifted from using small organic molecules to the development of oligopeptides to solve analytical problems in biotechnology, food technology and bioassays. Many collaborations with industrial partners have been established, and profit and drawbacks of such collaborations are reconsidered at the end of the article. One so far unpublished feasibility study is described in more detail. In order to make commercial use of some of these developments, the spinoff companies SENSORIX and C-CIT AG were founded.




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