Vol. 76 No. 11 (2022): Chemical Ecology

CHIMIA Vol. 76 No. 11 (2022): Chemical Ecology

Chemical ecology aims to understand the impact of natural chemicals on ecological processes. By combining natural products chemistry and ecology, often in creative and surprising ways, chemical ecologists unravel the mechanisms that govern interactions between different organisms. From pheromones to plant toxins, ecological interactions are governed by the exchange of small molecular weight organic compounds. Identifying such molecules along with their biological and ecological effects has proven to be a powerful approach to understand the world around us, to find new ways towards sustainable agriculture and develop new approaches to manage environmental and human health. Over the last decades, Switzerland has become a stronghold of world class research in chemical ecology. The Swiss chemical ecology community is rapidly growing and gaining momentum. We hope that you will enjoy reading about some of its exploits in this special issue of CHIMIA!

Published: 2022-11-30


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