Vol. 64 No. 5 (2010): Hot Topics

CHIMIA Vol. 64 No. 5 (2010): Hot Topics

With the recently announced synthesis of two isotopes of element 117 (Y. T. Oganessian et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 2010, 104, 142502) the 7th period of the table of the elements has been completed. But, as the article from Andreas Türler in his article ‘Chemical Experiments with Superheavy Elements’ on page 293 explains, chemists lag not far behind. In the last couple years all the elements up to Hs and Cn have been chemically investigated. The puzzling chemistry of element 114 is the target of currently ongoing research efforts. It is needless to state that all these experiments are conducted with few short-lived single atoms!

Published: 2010-05-26



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