Vol. 77 No. 10 (2023): Challenges in Teaching Chemistry

CHIMIA Vol. 77 No. 10 (2023): Challenges in Teaching Chemistry

This issue follows on from a symposium organised by the Division of Chemical Education of the Swiss Chemical Society entitled 'Challenges in Teaching Chemistry'. The challenges start in high school where teachers face the difficult  task of iconnecting the macroscopic level represented by the properties of substances or materials with the microscopic level related to interactions between atoms, molecules, or ions. Simultaneously, pupils learn the language of chemistry, which might prove at least as challenging as acquiring any other language at this age (if not even more so). The contributors to this issue include high-school teachers and university lecturers and professors from Switzerland and abroad who present a variety of reports dealing with experiences acquired in classrooms and lecture halls. It is interesting to see that some of the problems encountered at high schools are also (sometimes even strongly) present at the universities.

Published: 2023-10-25


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